Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nick wasn’t sure which emotion was more overwhelming shame or guilt for his part in her corruption. This woman who had been sharing his bed and his life for the last 6 months had been a 16 year old girl. Today she turned 17. Emotions swirled in his mind. She was nearly half his age they had shared everything for these last few months, from Wild Turkey to an insatiable lust for each other. He’d never been so enraptured by a woman before or so perfectly in tune. They always knew what the other needed or was feeling and for the first time he knew he was in love.
“I’m sorry I never asked when your birthday was.”
“That’s okay,” she said smiling. She threw her arms around him and kissed him. He wanted to pull away but couldn’t.
“I’ve got to hit the store we’re out of whiskey. Can’t have a birthday party without that.” What was he saying she wasn’t even old enough to drink. He’d seen a crystal figurine of an angel in a local shop and had thought of her. He had to acknowledge her birthday no matter how disturbing he found it. It would make a nice birthday gift and memento. In his heart he knew their affair had to end. But a piece of him would always love his Angel. There would be two hearts broken when this affair ended.

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