Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nick stood in the shower letting the hot water soothe his aching muscles. He’d forgotten what a demanding lover Angel was. He scrubbed his skin but no amount of soap and water could wash away his sin. Her touch, her scent permanently burned into his flesh. Angel was his equal in bed challenging, demanding always pushing him to his limits. It burned bright and hot like a shooting star; it was always over quickly with both satisfied with the results. With Kathy sex was slow leisurely. She savored sex like she did chocolate enjoying every bit until the end. Kathy awed him and he worshiped her completely. The bond he shared with both these women were too strong to be denied. He did what he had to do for Kathy and little Nicky but God help him he enjoyed it. Now that Angel was back in his life how could he live with out her.
The shower door opened and Angel stepped in to join him. “Nick,” she said reaching out to touch him. He recoiled as if her touch would burn him.
“You can’t screw your way out of this one Angel. You shot my wife and kidnapped my son. There’s no forgiving that. Give me my son,” he growled. His tone sent shivers down her spine but the man that stood before her was beleaguered and broken. She saw the pain in his eyes and it tore at her heart. Would he have shown such devotion to their child? She looked into his chocolate brown eyes which had now turned dark and angry. She saw death reflected in them; hers. She shivered even as the warm sprays of water caressed her skin. Had she pushed him to far?
“This just can’t be about us, about sex. Tell me what you want,” he said shaking her.
“They’ll kill us all,” she whispered. Her words sucked the life out of him. Nick braced himself against the shower wall. He felt his strength leaving him swirling around like the water in the shower drain then it was gone. He sank slowly to the shower floor not noticing the water had turned tepid. Unaware Angel was standing over him shivering in the cool spray. She reached out a shaky hand and turned the water off.
“Why?” he asked staring, unblinking at the tile wall. “Why do all this? To punish me? Why not kill me and be done with it?“
“No, they want you to do something. We’re meeting with them later. I don’t know anything more or I’d tell you.”
“God damn you.” His dark eyes moved to hers searching for something she couldn‘t give him. He saw a fear there that went beyond any emotion he could wring from her and he knew to take this seriously. Was she the mastermind in a twisted plot of revenge or was she merely a pawn like the rest of them? He’d never hit a woman before but when he reached out to touch her she pulled back. “I told you I’d never hurt you. I just wish you would have done the same for me.”
Maybe God had already damned her, abandoned her seven years ago when they took her baby from her. How could Hell be any worse than wondering everyday what had happened to her child. She was already lost in a deep abyss of darkness she would take his anger as deserved. Maybe he’d never slapped or beaten her as Carlos and Meyers had but what he had done to her somehow seemed far worse. For the first time in her life she felt love and hope then he took that away and since there had been only darkness. She’d given him her heart and soul and his rejection had so completely destroyed her. Was first love the most special? She never stopped loving him even through his marriage and birth of his son he was always in her heart. Loving him, hating him praying he’d know the pain she had. Revenge left her cold and empty aching for the man she’d reaped it upon. One more stab in her soul until it was shredded like paper in the wind. There was only one thing that got her up in the morning, the hope of finding her daughter. A for a brief time they had shared a love, a soul and they had created a life. A precious child that was taken from her, a child Nick knew nothing about. How would he react to this news? Would he deny this precious gift or would he do anything to find her as she had. Giving herself to that pig Meyers with the promise he’d find her child. Who better to find her missing child than the FBI. Her child’s father she realized too late. She couldn’t tell him yet and add to the pain of losing another child. The suffering was there in the dark eyes that searched hers for an answer. The anger that filled her heart was replaced with pity
His worst fears were realized his son was a pawn in someone’s deadly game of revenge. She didn’t understand his world. They would no doubt kill them all in the end anyway. Anyone who knew Nick knew they would pay with their lives for hurting his family.

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