Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The room was dark and quiet, almost peaceful. It had been three days since he made love to Angel and got the news his son was being used as insurance to ensure his cooperation. Waiting on word from Angel about his son and waiting for Kathy to wake up was taking it’s toll on him. He felt afraid to leave her alone just in case Angel came back to finish what she started. He’d hired guards but wasn't sure who he could trust at this point. Jack always seemed to be on hand to reassure him and spell him so he could get a few hours of restless sleep. He hadn’t told Jack what had happened between him and Angel. He just couldn’t find the words to bring that dark secret into the light. The swelling in Kathy’s brain seemed to be going down and all functions were normal she was off the ventilator but she still wasn’t there with him.
The big bouquet of flowers he sent her sat in the corner of the room. The air was filled with the sweet scent of lilacs. They were blooming now but they had such a short life. So much like his Kathy, they brought beauty and happiness to all who saw them.
Kathy felt warm and peaceful for the first time and something smelled so wonderful she had to find out what it was. She opened her eyes and her breath caught in her throat the man from her nightmare was sitting in the chair next to her bed asleep. The face seemed almost peaceful but it had taunted and terrified her in her dreams. The dark wavy hair looked unruly and a dimple she was all too familiar with. The long and lean body shifted in the chair her heart pounded and something on a primal level told her she needed to be afraid of this man. Dark, fierce eyes had burned her with their gaze before. Her body felt heavy like it didn’t belong to her. She looked around the room looking for a way to escape and when she looked back those eyes were open and staring directly at her. The man sprang to his feet quickly. Kathy opened her mouth to scream but all that came out was a high pitched squeak.
“Oh my God, Kathy.” He reached out a hand to touch her but she struggled to get away from him. Tears slid down her cheeks as she tried to move uncooperative legs. She tried to scream again to plead for her life but what came out made no sense.
“Baby, what’s wrong. It’s me, Nick.” He tried to hold her and comfort her but she struck out at him and he tasted blood. “Calm down.” He tried to hold her still as he hit the call button. Kathy’s Dr. hurried into the room. “What’s happening?”
“She’s awake but she’s hysterical. She seems scared of me.”
“Step back Mr. Dempsey and hit the call button again we’ll give her something to calm her down.”
Nick hit the button again and stepped into the corner of the room out of her sight.
“Nurse, you stay with her until I get back.” She stopped struggling when Nick was out of her sight. “Mr. Dempsey.” The Doctor motioned to the door and Nick followed him into the empty lounge.
“What the hell is going on,” Nick said pacing back and forth.
“I told you she could have some problems. Have you ever been violent with her Mr. Dempsey? Her reaction was very unexpected.”
Nick turned on the Dr. “Where the hell do you get off asking me something like that. I’ve never hit a woman. I couldn’t.” somehow he had managed not to hurt Angel for her part in all this. Nick shook his head. The Dr. didn’t know why but he believed him. His reaction was too sincere and he didn’t seem like he was capable hurting someone defenseless.
“YOU said possible memory loss you didn’t say she’d be terrified of me.” Nick put his hand up to his bleeding lip.
“Mr. Dempsey the best thing you can do right now is to go home. I’m going to run some tests. She may have had a small stroke. I don‘t what to say except stay away from her for now. The fact she‘s awake and alive is amazing any more stress could kill her.”
“She’s my wife for the love of God how am I supposed to stay away. She wasn’t making any sense and she couldn’t move her legs.” Nick rambled nervously.
“I think you should stay away. Her inability to speak and move concerns me. She may never be the Kathy you knew. Please, Mr. Dempsey go home I’ll call you as soon as I know anything.”
Nick shook his head and glared at the Dr. before he left. “That isn’t an option.”
The Dr. let out a sigh of relief and tried to steady his nerves. He’d never had this kind visceral reaction to anyone before. Every time he dealt with the man he wasn’t certain he’d make it out alive. He reminded him of a wolf caring for its wounded mate and God help him if he made a mistake. He couldn’t imagine what a woman like Kathy Tyler could see in a man like that he didn’t understand that bad boy, Batman obsession. Taming the wolf that could kill you but didn’t.

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