Sunday, April 4, 2010

The hills were shrouded in fog, a late summer heat wave moved in. The air was damp and smelled like summer dying. There was a finality to the end of summer and coming of winter. Life like nature had made a full circle.
Nick ran his hand along the cool granite of Angie’s headstone. He brought flowers to her grave every week since her murder. He touched the smiling cherubs carved on its face in memory of the child that died with her. The chubby cherubs reminded him of little Nicky. His mother always said when God closes a door. He opens a window. He had taken something precious from Nick but he had given him a loving wife and beautiful son. Kathy played the role of mother and wife flawlessly as with all her acting roles but there was no acting now. Her love for him and their son was real and moved him beyond words. He came to Minnesota to escape the death and pain of L.A. leaving Kathy and the broken dreams of a life with her behind but fate had other plans for him. He had found a new love and a new life here if only briefly with Angie. Life had taught him a hard lesson; there was no escaping his past or who he was. No amount of water could wash the blood from his hands. He said his goodbyes and left the cemetery. It was time for him to rejoin the living.
Nick stood on the deck at twilight and listened to their howl. The song of the wolf filled him, called to him. He knew their song and knew their purpose. His spirit ran along with them lost in the thrill of the chase. Pure adrenaline driving them forward to their goal past the pain, past the fear they ran as they had since the beginning. Like him they would run until their end. He had found their dark primal place long ago. He felt the blood rush through his veins predator to predator they connected. Then came the kill and neither found pleasure in that. It was a matter of survival, no malice of thought only the need to exist. Survival at any cost was a concept he understood. He’d always lived in their world of kill or be killed. Embracing the primal side of himself is what allowed him to survive. That was the way it was only he doubted they gave a second thought to their prey. They went un haunted by the ghosts of those they killed. He was Sheriff, supreme predator and he hunted men.

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