Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meyers hit the button and pulled into the garage. He didn’t move until the door was safely down. He looked at Angel in the rear view mirror. She hadn’t taken her eyes of Dempsey’s brat the whole trip home. The kid had finally stopped screaming and was sound asleep again.
Angel carried him into the house and the room she‘d set up for him. It was nothing grand and posh like the room she’d taken him from but it was the best she could do. This was a temporary situation and Nicky would go back to his father in the end. How would he explain to his son his mother was dead? She placed him in the crib and covered him with a blanket. She was uneasy about the whole thing now that it was happening. How could she have allowed herself to be talked into something so insane? Desperation did crazy things to people.
Meyer’s grabbed a bottle of vodka from the cabinet and took a long pull. Things hadn’t gone quite as planned. He was nervous about killing Dempsey’s wife but more so about Angel being a witness to that. He wiped his sweaty hands on the kitchen towel and took another drink. He flipped on the TV and waited for the shit to it the fan. The police scanner buzzed with activity.
Angel walked into the kitchen and checked to make sure she had everything she needed when Nicky woke up hungry. She couldn’t bring herself to look at the man who had murdered his mother although she’d wished Kathy dead a thousand times in the last 7 years. She’s held the gun in her hand at the mansion and wanted to pull the trigger but the thought of Nicky losing his mother stopped her. Meyer’s thought she was going to kill Kathy, but she couldn't. She better than anyone knew a child should have a mother’s love.
Meyer’s grabbed her arm and spun her around. “Don’t give me any attitude. You’re in this just as deeply as I am.”
Angel never flinched. She looked him straidht in the eye. “Let go. You’re hurting me.”
There was something in her gaze that frightened him but he made certain he didn’t show it. “Just remember if I go down. You’re going with me.”
“When Nick finds out what we've done. He’ll kill us both.”
His phone vibrated on the kitchen table. He recognized the number and knew he hadn't drank enough liquid courage to answer.

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