Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nick and Jack pulled in to the restaurant parking lot when Nick’s cell phone rang.
“Dempsey,” he answered. “What? When? Get your asses over there and send the police. I‘m on my way.” Nick threw the car in reverse and barreled out of the parking lot.
“What is it Nick?”
“It was the security company. The alarm just went off at the mansion.” Tires squealed as he roared into traffic. Horns blew as he ran through a red.
“Maybe it’s just a false alarm and you’re going to get us killed for nothing.” Jack hit he door as Nick slid around a corner. He reached over and snapped his seat back in place
“I’ve had a bad feeling Jack ever since we’ve been back. The whole movie thing was just B.S. we found out yesterday.”
Jack had known Nick long enough to know to listen to Nick’s instincts.
Nick pulled up behind cars in traffic. “Damn, damn,” he said pounding on the steering wheel. He punched in the number to the house and it rang and rang. He tried Kathy’s cell phone and got voice mail.
“This isn’t good, Jack.” An ambulance blew by them when they were a block from the house. “Kathy’s in there,” he groaned. He was torn. Follow Kathy and the ambulance or return to the mansion and check on his son. His paternal instincts won out. He pulled around the waiting cars and drove into oncoming traffic to his son.
“Jesus, Nick.“ He flinched as a car swerved around them. “How do you know?” Jack shook his head hoping his friend was wrong but knowing he wasn‘t.
“I just know. It‘s bad.” Nick threw the car into park and hurried past the cops on the scene. Police, security and rescue cars littered the driveway. Jack hurried into the house behind him. Nick stood momentarily dazed at the puddle of blood in the foyer, was it Kathy’s or Nicky’s. “No, no,” Nick moaned.
Jack kept his eyes on Nick while he pumped cops on the scene for information. Jack hurried back over to Nick. “She’s been shot in the head small caliber bullet from the casing they found this in her hand. Jack held up a clear plastic bag and inside was a crystal figurine of angel. Nick stepped back and bumped into the wall behind him. “No.” Nick’s eyes grew wide with surprise.
Two uniforms helped the maid down the stairs. Her face bruised and bloodied. She broke free and ran to Nick. “I tried to stop them Mr. Nick but I couldn’t,” she wailed. Tears streamed down her face.
“Where’s Nicky, Maria? Where’s my son?”
“They took him. I tried.”
Nick grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Who took him Maria?”
“You’re hurting me Mr. Nick.” Maria sobbed harder and Nick shook her harder.
“For Christ sake Nick. She doesn’t know,” Jack said trying to pry Nick’s hands from her shoulders. “Nick what about Kathy?”
“If he’s gone Jack she wont want to live.”

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