Friday, April 16, 2010

Minutes seemed like hours and the four walls of the lounge closed in on him until he was unable to think or to breathe. Should he be home waiting for a ransom call from an jilted lover or here waiting on word of his wife. His mind swirled with thoughts of Kathy, Nicky and Angel. His stomach knotted at the thought of Nicky in the hands of someone capable of murdering his mother. His first thought had been a crazed fan or someone seeking revenge for his past until he saw the glass figurine. Nick jumped up when the door opened but it wasn’t the doctor just a fed from the looks of him.
“I’m Special Agent Bill Mallory,” he said extending his hand to Nick. Nick started to reach out but realized his hand was clutching his cell phone. “Sheriff Dempsey I want to say how sorry I am for what’s happened to your family. We’ll do everything in our power to make certain we get your son back to you and your wife safely. Are you up to answering a few questions?”
Nick nodded his reply. “I’ll do whatever it takes. I just want to bring my son back to his mother.”
Mallory reaches into his pocket and pulls out the evidence bag with the figurine in it. “Does this mean anything to you?”
Nick shook his head no. “I’ve never seen it before.”
“It’s just a very odd thing to leave behind. Could it be related to any of her movies? We want to go through all your wife’s fan mail. I don’t even know where to begin with you. I pulled your file and you have quite a history. Vice, sniper training.” He shook his head. “What’s your gut telling you Sheriff. Is this about money or revenge?”
“Neither, both how should I know?” Nick sat and stared straight ahead.
Agent Mallory looked to Jack. He could see from the expression he was going to get no answers from either man. “They’re working on your house now. The phones covered if something comes through we’ll send it to your cell. We‘re here to help.”
Nick stood and stared at him for a moment. He had no time for the feds. Kidnappings rarely ended well and his own personal experience with Meyers had made him untrusting. Finding his son would be his job. But first he had to find Angel. “I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind.”
The Dr came through the door as agent Mallory was leaving. He stopped outside to listen knowing he’d get no information from Dempsey.
“We got your wife stabilized for the moment. We’ve called in a neurosurgeon. He’s scrubbing in now. She was shot and the bullets lodged behind her ear. This is going to be touch and go for quite a while. Is there other family members or clergy you can call to be here?”
Nick stared at the doctor blankly unsure what his words meant. He shook hi head no. “Her father passed away last year. There’s only me and our son.” Damn him. He couldn’t even bring Nicky to her. “What are her chances?” Nick asked the question but wasn’t prepared for an answer.
“I don’t know Mr. Dempsey. Does she have a living will. Do you know what her wishes would be should things not go as hoped?”
“You do whatever it takes to keep her alive.” They’d never discussed such things. He never could have imagined anything this serious happening to her.
“Why don’t you come with me you can see her before they take her up.” Nick followed the Dr. from the room.
Jack steeped out into the hall spotting Agent Mallory perched close to the doorway.
“I’m not going to get any help from either of you Am I?”
“If there was anything you could do we’d be more than happy to help. You need to see what the evidence at the house tells you. Any prints on the figurine.”
“Yes but they aren’t in the system. I can’t believe whoever went to this length would leave prints behind. Tell him I hope she makes it. I’ve seen this before. It might be a blessing if she doesn’t.” Agent Mallory left Jack leaning against the wall. He felt like all the life had drained out of him. How had things gone so wrong in the few minutes they were gone. This was a well thought out plan carefully orchestrated with neither one picking up on surveillance or a tail. Maybe they both had gotten soft with age.
They dressed Nick so he could spend a few moments with Kathy. What he saw shocked him more than he ever had been. She was a mass of tubes and machines. So little of her could be seen. He took her hand and brought it to his lips uncertain he’d ever taste her skin again or feel the warmth of her next to him in bed. Tears slid down his cheeks and he kissed her hand. “Don’t leave me, baby. I need you…Nicky needs you.” A nurse came in and led him from the room. “Dr. Jordan is one of the best there is. We’ll take good care of her.”
Nick wandered the halls unsure how he found his way back to Jack and the lounge.
Jack put his arm around Nick and led him inside. “You don’t trust him do you?”
Nick shrugged. “I don’t know who I can trust, Jack. I‘ve got to get some air.” Maybe this was all a strange coincidence maybe Angel wasn’t involved.

He had no blood family left. The last of it had died with his mother. All he had now was Jack and the little family he created for himself. They were more precious to him than his own life but now they were separated and it felt as if his heart had been torn from his chest. Nicky was gone somewhere beyond his reach held captive by a vengeful ex-lover. He had left his precious family for only minutes and now they were scattered like seeds in the wind. Kathy was safe for now but he could do nothing for her. His own life was meaningless they had to survive. The loss of his son would be a wound too deep to heal. If it took his last breath he would bring Nicky back to his mother. He knew Kathy could beat this she was a fighter with a passion for life but without Nicky all would be lost.

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