Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You get two of everything. It’s all I’m going to eat while I’m here,” Kathy said.
“Are you sure you’re not pregnant again?” Nick grabbed her and twirled her around until she giggled.
“Hey, another crack like that and you’ll be sleeping on the couch permanently. Wow, now I’m dizzy.” she sat down in the closest chair. She smiled and giggled again. He knelt down in front of her.
“I’m sorry baby. Are you okay?”
She grabbed him and pulled him to her. They shared a long passionate kiss.
“I came her to eat not watch live porn. It’ll be cold by the time we get there if you two don’t stop.”
“I think we need to find Jack a woman,” she teased.
“Okay I’m out of here.” Jack turned and headed to the door.
Nick took his keys and hurried after him. “I’m setting the alarm,” he yelled to Kathy.
“I want something with chocolate too,” she yelled after him.
Nick rolled his eyes and shook his head. “She’d tell me if she was pregnant again right?” He said to Jack.
“They tell us when they’re ready it’s got nothing to do with us. God, you two are nauseating.”
“Yeah but when was the last time when you were nauseated. It’s been too damn long Jack.”
“That’s just it. I’m afraid it’s been too long. There hasn’t been anyone serious since Ellen.”
“It’s going on thirty years for God’s sake. What are you a monk?”
“I said there was no one serious. I didn’t say I wasn’t getting any. Ellen died last fall, cancer. Suzy’s been emailing me pictures of the family. I’ve got 3 grandkids I still can’t believe it. Two girls and a boy. She wants me to come and see them but it sounds like Jim is still blaming me. Suzy’s a big fan of Kathy she couldn’t believe that I knew her.”
“I’m sorry about Ellen but maybe you can’t put the past behind you now start over with Suzy and Jim. I’ll get Kathy to sign some stuff if you think she’d like it. Hey they could come up and see us. I think Kathy misses her adoring fans that’s why we’re here. They spoil her rotten at home.”
“I know she’d love it.”
“That’s one thing you can’t get in Brody is Chinese food you have to drive all the way to the Cities to get it.”
Jack rolled his eyes. “You’re starting to talk like them I think you’re getting an accent.”
“They don’t talk funny,” Nick said angrily.
“You wouldn’t notice because you sound like them and Kathy’s career is going to be ruined.”
“Hey, she doesn’t sound funny either. There are plenty of celebrities from Minnesota.”
“Yeah but aren’t they all named Anderson?”
“Ass,” Nick growled.
“I’ve really missed you too, Nick.”
“Come back with us invite Suzy and Jim up. I bought a pontoon you’ll love it. Wait until you see hockey on my big screen. When they take someone down it’s so real it almost hurts.”
“God, what have they done to you. Does Kathy know about the pontoon?”
“She bought it for my birthday she just doesn’t know it yet.”

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